We exist to provide clean energy to people where they need it and when they need it most.

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We're here to provide clean energy to people where they need it and when they need it most.

  • Silent

  • Reliable

  • Portable

  • Renewable

  • Convenient

  • Pollution-free

What We Do

We are developing a rapidly deployable solar charging station designed for durability and reliability in disaster relief applications.

Our solar suitcase consists of 500W of solar power and a 2.4 kWh battery sourced from second life batteries. We believe in a circular economy and creating solutions that will reduce waste and provide reliable power from clean resources at an affordable price.

About Us

Our Mission

We exist to provide clean energy to people where they need it and when they need it most.

Our Vision

A world where in their greatest moment of need, people do not feel forgotten, are cared for, and given the opportunity to rebuild their communities with dignity.

Our Journey

To bring this idea to life, we have participated in the following:

  • Clinton Foundation's CGI U Class of 2020 (January 2020)

  • Rockefeller - Acumen Student Social Enterprise Accelerator (March 2020)

  • CleanStart CEO Crash Course (June 2020)

  • 2020 Columbia-Harvard MIT Bootcamp Accelerator (August 2020)

The Team

Our team brings over 10 years of industry experience in solar project development and sustainability.

Cynthia Leung - CEO & Founder

Companies: SunPower, Clinton Foundation, Columbia University

Cynthia Leung is the Founder & CEO of Soluminos. She recently completed the 2020 Rockefeller - Acumen Student Social Enterprise Accelerator and the 2020 Columbia-Harvard MIT Bootcamp Accelerator and is a Clinton Foundation CGI U Commitment Maker. Last summer, she interned with the Clinton Foundation with the Clinton Climate Initiative and focused on their Islands Energy Program.

She is a Master's Candidate in the Sustainability Management Program and two time Earth Institute Sustainability Fellow. She holds a B.A. in Quantitative Economics and a minor in Global Sustainability from UC Irvine. She served as the Sustainability Management Student Association's VP of Community Outreach and currently serves as the Women & Sustainability’s Director of Initiatives. She was recently awarded with the Columbia School of Professional Studies 2020 Scholar Practitioner Award for her work focused on her social enterprise inside and outside of the classroom.

Prior to Columbia, Cynthia was a Project Development Manager on the Utility team at SunPower where she worked on developing over 1 GW of solar projects over 6.5 years. She was a Professional Mentor and Impact Coach for the TechWomen Program and is a Certified Mentor under the Mentoring Standard. She has hosted trainings and talks on sustainability, communication, and mentorship in four countries.

During her undergrad, Cynthia served as the President for two years for the Green Campus Program at the UC Irvine, where she planned and implemented energy and water efficiency projects on campus. The projects focused on hard metric savings, academic integration, education and outreach, and green workforce development.

Cynthia is passionate about sustainability, building connections, and empowering the next generation with the ability to address climate change. In her free time, she enjoys photography, rock climbing, running, dancing, and traveling.

Contact Us

Have questions or would like to test out our product? Feel free to reach out to us here:

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